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Solution for Hotels

Tourism is the fastest growing sector worldwide. However, in the current times it plays a vital role in the environmental changes and, likewise, it may be affected by this change. Hotels rank as top five in terms of energy consumption in building sector. It is estimated that more than 100 TWh of energy was used in the hotels worldwide. For instance, one of the most developed countries in Europe, Netherlands, throughout the whole year is using slightly more than hotel industry, 108 TWh per annum. According to the Green Hotelier, the leading source of information about the hotel industry, the overconsumption of water in hotels is about 190%. This creates loses of 90% for hotels. Tenants do not rationally consume water resources and by this means disrupt the sustainability of hotels. This overconsumption does not bring any benefits neither for the hotel or tenant. This is where Adderra comes and offers the solution for the hotel industry.

Benefits of the ADDERRA prepaid utility service:

  • Leads to rational management of utilities consumption
  • Increase the sustainability in the hotel industry
  • Elimination of the overconsumption in the guest rooms
  • Provides descriptive and easy to understand reporting services


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Safety that you need

Solutions for Landlords

As a landlord who provides accommodation for people, most of the times is not 100% confident of who is going to rent the apartment or house and what direction their relationship is going to take. Sometimes the tenant just leaves the accommodation and leaves the landlord with unpaid utility bills. This creates additional stress for the owner and creates the inconvenience. Also, some landlords take this aspect into account and include the utility bills into the rent. In this case the problem is that the price increases and becomes too high and unattractive for the new tenant. In order to solve the existing problem and reduce the stress for the landlords Adderra comes with the solution, which has the purpose of separating the rent from the utility costs by placing an electrical and water meter that is using a prepay technology for energy.

Below are listed main benefits for the landlord:

  • Increases the safety of the rental period and reducing any possible risks
  • Gives the possibility to rent based on the affordable and attractive prices
  • Avoids overconsumption and unnecessary spending
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Economy that you need

Solutions for Tenants

Since the tenant is the one who is responsible for the usage of the utilities in a hotel or any other rented accommodation, Adderra is the best solution for them to reduce and save the money and energy. Adderra will be able to provide easy to use application that can be used on a smartphone/tablet with a prepay functionality. A tenant will balance a certain amount of money on his account that will be directly linked to the meter via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) system and will be able to analyze the amount of used energy in his/her accommodation type. This service will limit the spending of the energy made by the tenant, create comfortable and safe usage of the utilities and provide the reduced utility bills and increase their savings.

Adderra provides with the following main benefits for the tenant:

  • Only consumed resources are paid
  • Honest Price
  • Transparent and safe payments
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Sustainability that you need

Solutions for Building Owners

Building owners are measuring every detail they have in their property starting from the size and ending with the amount of supplies. Adderra comes to building owners and developers in order to help the measure their utility consumption. This service is based on submetering system and every single apartment or house is measured independently and the data is taken into one place. However, Adderra sees submetering from a different angle. This is service implemented prepayment into submetering system. The main concept of is based on the improvement of sustainability and increase of the business profit with minimum loses.

Adderra helps building owners to collect data, set targets, analyze performance, create investment grade reports and identify opportunities to improve. With our application you receive a set of data for you to analyze and calculate what can be done in order to make the operations in your business better.

With the help of Adderra, building owners receive the following set of benefits:

  • Improvement of sustainable environment in the building
  • Differentiation form the competitors
  • Technological advantage, precise and relevant data
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Problems that you have and Our solutions
High accommodation cost
Accommodation fee often included overestimated cost of potentially consumed utilities.
Separation of utility costs from accommodation fee makes it more attractive.
Unreliable bill payments
Tenants might not always pay on time or can generally leave the bills unpaid
Advance payment via PayPal for utilities will never leave a bill unpaid
Irrational use of resources
Resources included in the price are taken for granted. “All-inclusive” concept does not motivate to consume rationally.
Prepayment and consumption statistics motivate rational consumption
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