Submetering of electricity and water
For hotels and rental property
Integrated Billing and Payment platform.
Real Bills, Honest Price, No Paperwork
Environmentally friendly use of resources
Our Mission

Adderra provides water and electricity submetering that allows hotels and landlords to bill online the individual consumption of tenants and receive their payments via smartphone application. Adderra submetering being integrated with billing and payment platform enables sales of tokens for electricity and water in preset credit, prepayment and postpayment mode.

We are concerned about ecological problems, water and electricity overuse by tenants. So, Adderra’s mission is to provide solutions that benefit all the parties involved in the energy and water consumption process: landlords, tenants, society and environment certainly, making it easy and pleasant for them to behave in a sustainable manner.

Problems that you have and Our solutions
High accommodation cost
Accommodation fee often included overestimated cost of potentially consumed utilities.
Separation of utility costs from accommodation fee makes it more attractive.
Unreliable bill payments
Tenants might not always pay on time or can generally leave the bills unpaid
Advance payment via PayPal for utilities will never leave a bill unpaid
Irrational use of resources
Resources included in the price are taken for granted. “All-inclusive” concept does not motivate to consume rationally.
Prepayment and consumption statistics motivate rational consumption
Our partners
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