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ADDERRA is helping owners of hotels and rented property to offer a pleasant vacation for the guests, enjoy the experience of using ADDERRA and last but not least to become nature-friendly. ADDERRA motivates sustainability, reasonable use of precious resources at the same time creating possibility for a fair pricing for rent/stay through elimination of fees for overestimated consumption.

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Tenants will book their rooms on any booking platform and will start using Adderra as soon as they check-in the hotel or other rental accommodation and they can stop using it as soon as they check-out. In order, to start using this application, tenants will have to scan a QR code and fill in short but necessary information. Adderra will help them use the precious resources for which they have paid.

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Mobile Application

Our advanced application connects the tenant and meters via Bluetooth and the money are being secured via PayPal. It makes the experience of using Adderra safe and pleasant for every party. When tenant checks in the application, he can balance the money and as soon as tenant checks out he will receive the remaining money on the balance on his/her credit card.

Any Android phone with the preinstalled Tenant mobile app is used as a control console to provide the following features.

  • Firstly, the meter should be selected (by scanning its QR code or SN, or choosing it from the list if it was previously bind within the app).
    • QR code contains information about the format version, meters SN, the CRC or the cryptographic hash.
  • Secondly, the paying amount should be entered. The mobile app fills in this field automatically giving the ability to the guest to change the value if it is necessary,
  • Transaction discarding according to the Refunding procedure.
  • Transaction viewing. For each transaction detailed information is displayed:
    • transaction state (the app supports updating the state),
    • meters balance in local currency and in watt-hours, etc.
  • Sending warnings when:
    • The payed amount is exhausted,
    • The staying period ends.
  • Integration with for PayPal system (mobile app),
  • Requesting current data (readings, logs, statuses) on each communication session with the meter,
  • Sending meters data on each communication session with the ADDERRA.
Efficiency that you need

Smart Meters

Two highly technological smart meters for water and electricity, will help you eliminate overconsumption and increase your business profit.

In the current version, the electricity meters are supported. Being the main metering component of the system, the meter features:

  • Communication through BLE, including firmware updates.
  • PrePay support. Mono tariff support for the first version of the system,
  • Stores the last N transactions data (recharge token, the current balance in the local currency and in watt-hours, start service time, stop service time),
  • Gives access through the mobile app for the Tenant to a minimal, unencrypted set of data (the current balance in local currency and in watt-hours, etc.),
  • Issues complete reports (readings, event logs, statuses) in encrypted form.


The water meter calculates the consumed water volume based on signals from flow sensor.

The meter is made from durable components:

The water meter can be accessed locally (via BLE). Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used to communicate locally with flow control valve and WM software application and to update the WM firmware.


Hotel or any other rental accommodation will place the meter in their guest rooms. It will measure the electricity and water from every single room separately, eliminating loses. Submetering will be fully controlled by guests.

Efficiency that you need


Resources are being paid for in advance. This is the purpose of Adderra, prepayment solution for hotels and any other rental accommodation. Tenant will be able to calculate and decide what amount of electricity or water he or she is planning to use while renting accommodation. Tenant balances the money and the meters allow the electricity and water to be available in the room. Also, as soon as the balance equals to zero, the meter will automatically stop and the utilities will stop as well. Of course, before that, tenants will receive a notification in advance in order to avoid inconvenience and discomfort.

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