Adderra offers innovative submetering solution that allows to bill tenants and receive their payments for water and electricity consumption via smartphone application. Tenants can either prepay, postpay or make the payment on a present limit mode.

Adderra enables to rationalize the use of resources, set more attractive rental prices and prevent utility debts left by tenant.

Watch the video to know how it works!

Stage 1

Landlord on-boarding

Installation of electricity and water meters by ADDERRA Marketplace operator in your country.
Landlord on-boarding to ADDERRA Marketplace with Stripe account.
Individual set-up of prices for electricity and water if necessary.
Stage 2

Tenant check-in and payments

Tenant checks-in by scanning QR code of a submeter via ADDERRA smartphone application and starts using electricity and water.
By agreement with Landlord payments can be made in prepayment, postpayment mode or on a monthly basis in case of long-term rent. Transactions are processed by Stripe in a secure manner.
Stage 3


As the rental period is over, Tenant will make a check-out and will request refunding for the unused amount of money, if there is such.
If the amount of money is blocked on the credit card, the Payment System will unblock it automatically. If the transaction has been completed and money distributed earlier, the landlord will process the refund manually through ADDERRA application.
Stage 4


ADDERRA marketplace distributes money from tenants to the Landlord’s Stripe account excluding fees charged by Stripe and Marketplace.
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