Adderra has developed an innovative solution for monitoring of water and electricity consumption. Our service enables billing of tenants based on their individual consumption of utilities and processes payments through a mobile application. Payments can be made in advance or after consumption. 

Adderra motivates tenants to use resources more efficiently, helps eliminate consumption estimations from accommodation fees making them more attractive and prevents bad debts.

Step 1: Landlord Registration

The landlord purchases and installs ADDERRA water and electricity meters in every rental property. To register in the ADDERRA app, the landlord must have an account on Stripe and specify the tariffs for electricity and water.

Step 2: Tenant Check-in and Registration + Payment for Utilities

The tenant registers by scanning the meter’s QR code using the Adderra app, then starts using water and electricity. Payment is made according to the terms set with the landlord: in advance, after reaching a predefined consumption limit or upon receipt of the bill for a specific period. Payment is processed through Stripe payment platform.

Step 3: Tenant Check-out

During checkout, the tenant receives a refund for the unused amount. If funds were blocked on the card, the payment system automatically unblocks them. If payment was made in advance, the landlord independently refunds the money through the Adderra app.

Step 4: Payment Processing

Adderra Marketplace directs tenant payments to the landlord’s Stripe account, deducting the commission charged by Stripe and the Marketplace operator.

Interested in learning more about how it works? Watch the video: 

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