Unreliable tenants

Due to the fact that a large number of tenants just leaves accommodation without paying the utility bills, this creates uncertainty for landlords and they try to either estimate utility bills and include them in rental price or demand specific deposits securing such possible cases. Adderra gives the opportunity to avoid this inconvenience by prepayment for utilities thus transferring full responsibility for consumption to the tenant.


Safe bill payments

Bills always bring uncertainty and inconvenience between the tenant and landlords or utility companies. Adderra offers the solution for this by avoiding bills and any kind of paperwork. Everything becomes digital and without any third parties involved. Tenants are in full control over their own consumption of utilities without the necessity to be involved with utility companies. Landlords resolve all the payments with utility companies being confident that tenants have paid for what they used.


Growth of consumption awareness

Paying for something before using always increases awareness about rationality and usefulness of specific resource. The same aspect Adderra tries to emphasize to tenants in order to avoid overconsumption. Adderra will automatically stop supply of electricity or water, when the balance is equal to zero and will restart it when tenant top-ups the account.

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