Under new European directives, Spain and Portugal are forced to reduce water consumption, including in hotels and rental housing. Portugal’s Environment Minister Duarte Cordeiro said that urban consumers, including golf courses and hotels, would face a water cut of about 15%.

The study has found that climate change has already made the Iberian Peninsula the driest in 1,200 years.

Filling empty swimming pools will be prohibited, including for tourist sites. For outdoor pools, clubs will be required to close all of their showers. Beach showers will also be closed.

Violators of the restrictions will be fined up to Euro 3,000 in the Barcelona area.

Let us note that in addition to gigantic fines, there are other, no less effective ways to rationally use natural resources. ADD Grup is ready to offer Adderra – a technical solution to combat excess water consumption.

To do this, it is enough to exclude the cost of water and electricity consumed by tourists and tenants from the total bill for rental housing, which will lead to savings for both parties.

Based on this business idea, Adderra developed an innovative solution for submetering of water and electricity. Our service enables to bill tenants for their individual utility consumption and also process their payments using a smartphone app. Tenants will be able to make prepayments  according to a predefined payment limit or postpayments.

Adderra’s mission is to provide solutions that benefit all parties involved in the energy consumption process: landlords, tenants, society and the environment, enabling them to engage in environmentally oriented behavior.

Contact us at info@addgrup.com for more information about our products and our technologies.

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