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Adderra System based on individual utility metering is intended for hotels, guest houses and apartment buildings. Utilities actually used by a tenant excludes any hidden payments, which makes the conditions for house renting transparent and easy to understand for both the Tenant and Landlord. Adderra System holds minimum information about the market players that allows seamless adjusting of the System to the specified regulations of each country.

Electricity and water consumers will no longer receive unexpected bills and will be able to budget for and manage their consumption themselves according to number of units bought. They will be able to view their consumption pattern and adjust their usage via our technologically advanced application.

Smart meters are reliable and accurate and information to and from the meter is constantly being updated via communications links.

Yes, the system will warn electricity consumers by sending messages to the application on your phone or tablet in good time to purchase additional units.

Please Contact us  via telephone number (+373 (22) 930012) or send us a message on our email (

You can order it online, but there is a limit in quantity of the smart meters. For more detailed information please contact us.

The installation process is very simple, any electrician or plumber will be able to deal with the installation of the smart meter.

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