Frequently asked question

Adderra System based on individual utility metering is intended for hotels, guest houses and residential and commercial apartment and buildings. We integrated Bluetooth submeter, Billing & Payment platform and smartphone application into one system. So, our innovative solution allows the improved utility management that refers to rational usage of water and electricity by tenants.

Adderra provides landlords with 3 options to receive payments for water and electricity from tenants:

  •  Prepayment mode – tenants pay for the utilities before the consumption
  •  Preset credit limits mode – tenants pay for the utilities as they reach the pre-established limits expressed in monetary value or cubic meters and kilowatts.
  •  Postpayment mode- tenants pay for the utilities after receiving Adderra’s billing at the end of billing period.
  • Adderra developed its own marketplace allows to perform online direct payments via smartphone application without any third parties involved.
  • Tenant refunding with the unused amount
  • Online monitoring of water and electricity consumption
  • Bluetooth function that allows the wireless connection to a submeter

Integration of Bluetooth function into Adderra submeter allows to avoid the implementation of a complex infrastructure that includes meters with RF or PLC communication, communication equipment (like concentrators or gateways), servers and head-end software for meter reading. So, the installation of Adderra’s Bluetooth submeter if budget-friendly.

Landlords need to invest only in low-priced Adderra’s Bluetooth submeter and in its installation.

No, Adderra submeter is installed near the main meter or inside the boxes with circuit-breakers.

No, the landlord can install additional submeter on private property without any approval.

Yes, the system will warn tenants by sending messages to the application on phone or tablet in good time to purchase additional cubic meters and kilowatts.

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