Richard, a young entrepreneur, invested all his money in a small residential complex in a quiet area of the city. He hoped that rental income would help him achieve financial stability, but soon faced the problem of unreliable tenants.

After several months, Richard noticed that some of his tenants had stopped paying for utilities. Initially, he was patient and tried to find compromise solutions, but the situation worsened. One day, while checking his mail, he discovered that tenants Sarah and Robert hadn’t paid the bills for electricity and water and had left, leaving behind unpaid debts.

Richard was desperate as he accumulated debts for utility payments and loans he had taken to acquire the property. He began consulting with a lawyer and studying local rental laws, hoping to find a way to solve this problem.

In search of a solution, Richard also approached ADD Grup, a company from Moldova, which proposed installing electricity and water meters in each rented property. This allowed for accurate measurement of consumption and the initiation of advance payments. Consequently, tenants could no longer leave without paying for utilities.

 Initially, tenants were unhappy with the changes, but they quickly realized that now they only had to pay for what they actually used. Richard no longer had to spend resources rigorously checking the credit history of potential tenants to avoid unreliable clients.

Soon, the situation began to improve, and Richard was able to restore financial stability. The lessons learned from this experience made him more vigilant and responsible in managing his real estate.

And regarding the submetering service from Adderra by ADD Grup, Richard now recommends it to all his friends who are landlords.

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