How Adderra Saved Real Estate Investments

Richard, a young entrepreneur, invested all his money in a small residential complex in a quiet area of the city. He hoped that rental income would help him achieve financial stability, but soon faced the problem of unreliable tenants. After several months, Richard noticed that some of his tenants had stopped paying for utilities. Initially,

Hotels in Europe are planning to abandon the “all-inclusive” packages and exclude utility charges from the room rental cost

The Association of Bulgarian Hotels and Restaurants was the first to announce that a significant number of hoteliers will no longer offer “all-inclusive” services starting next summer. This decision was made due to the rising food prices in Bulgaria, rendering such services less profitable. According to experts, striking a balance between the price and quality

How to use electricity rationally?

Hotels rank among the top five in energy consumption within the building sector. It’s estimated that hotels worldwide consume over 100 terawatt-hours of energy annually. To put this into perspective, the Netherlands, one of Europe’s most advanced countries, uses just slightly more energy in an entire year, totaling 108 terawatt-hours. According to a report from

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