Europeans use millions of liters of water annually. The purpose of this usage is different, starting from the drinking water and ending with manufacturing purposes and tourism. Europe is in possession of thousands of rivers, lakes and underground water supplies, it may seem that the source of water on this continent is limitless. However, the growth of the population and the booming urbanization in the modern world, pollution and climate change, such as droughts, are putting under risk water supplies of Europe. Water, is like any other source that can be under pressure and under risk of vanishing. Especially taking into consideration the constant increase in demand.

According to  , Italy, Bulgaria and Greece consume the most tap water in European Union. This water is consumed in many ways, cooking, showering, or actual drinking.  Italy and Greece are being among top 10 most attractive touristic countries in Europe. Together combined they receive more 80 million tourists per year.

Touristic industry is on its rise. Despite the fact of all the good and pleasant thoughts about vacation one can have, it is one of the most environmentally unfriendly industries in the world.  In continuation of water consumption in EU and connecting it to the touristic business, hotels and other types of accommodation consume millions of liters of water.


The research suggests that tourists use water in a range of 84L and 2000L per day. Also, it indicates that the consumption of water for one bedroom can rise up to 3400L per day. There was found a correlation between water consumption and different factors that can identify any hotel in Europe:

  • The sized of the hotel and the amount of guests
  • The facilities it is offering (normally people tend to take showers after gyms, swimming pools or sauna)
  • The geographical location (Mediterranean region relates to the highest water consumption in the hotel industry)


That is why hotels and other accommodation offering business need to reconsider their energy metering management. An effective management strategy will allow to maintain and increase profitability without disturbing the comfort of the guests. One of the solutions is submetering system. From the technological point of view, it is going to be the most satisfying solution for the hotels and other landlords. This system is giving the opportunity to maintain the consumption and decrease the potential waste of water.

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