Prepayment meters require consumers to pay for the utilities before the actual use. Also known as pay as you go meters, they imply topping them up with credit. This credit allows to consume the amount of water and electricity the user has paid for.

Prepaid meters and prepaid sub-meters are installed in hotels, vacation rental apartments and houses, retail stores, commercial centers, business park, and rental properties for a long term.

What are the advantages of pay as you go meters?


The benefits of prepayment meters in short-term rented property:

The owners of vacation rental property get the possibility to improve their utility management. The waste of electricity and water by tenant included in the rental fee reduces the profit and does not allow to predict it accurately. The prepayment service enables the landlords to avoid these losses as payment for the resources turns to be the tenants’ job.

Additionally, as the water and electricity costs are removed from accommodation fee, the rental price becomes more attractive for the guests.


The advantages of prepaid sub-meters for hotels

Hotel guests do not commonly use resources rationally. As a result, hotels release vast quantities of carbon dioxide and cause water waste. That is why, governments force hotels to adapt efficient solution of resource consumption. Prepaid submetering deals perfectly with minimization of negative environmental affect by hotel industry as this technology enables guests to behave in sustainable manner.


The interest of prepaid meters for landlords of long-term accommodation:

The landlords who rent for a long term may face the unpaid utility bills left by tenants.  With the help of prepayment meters tenants will have to buy prepaid electricity and water in advance, having no chance to leave a landlord in losses.

Besides, Adderra also offers postpayment option and on a preset credit limit mode. So, the landlord has the right to decide in which way the utilities will be paid, shifting full responsibility of utility payment and debts onto the tenants.


Advantages of prepaid submeters in commercial properties:

Commercial tenants are billed for the utilities based on the division of total consumption by all tenants or building-level meter. A submeter installed for each tenant space allows to bill tenants for the resources they actually consume. Such efficient solution offered by a commercial landlord is perceived by tenants as fairer and more reliable than conventional utility payment approach.

Moreover, submeters equipped with prepayment feature allow to avoid delayed payments of tenants and to secure from possible left utility debts.


 The benefits for property management agencies

The management of utility payments in multiple rentals is quite challenging. In the context of long-term rental accommodation, the prepayment meters can secure from troublesome tenants, thus protecting the clients, property owners.

Besides, rendering the clients with this technology the agency can help the owners of vacation rental to set more attractive price as the utility costs are separated from accommodation fee.  So, providing pay-as-you-go meters will definitely improve the quality of offered list of agency’s services.


Benefits of prepaid meter for tenants and hotels guests

Tenants, being constrained by certain amount of available utilities, are likely to better control and monitor their consumption behavior. This certainly leads to the improved personal utility budgeting.

As an additional advantage is the possibility to avoid overpayment for vacation-stay accommodation when landlords include overestimated utility costs into the rental charge.

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