Classic submetering allows to measure individual consumption of certain commercial or residential space and provides property owners who supply utilities to their tenants with the ability to account for each tenant’s usage in measurable terms. Despite the fact that it is an effective instrument for energy and water management, still it does not allow the automatic billing of tenants and payment processing. Furthermore the landlord will still have to be involved and face issues related to payment collection especially from unreliable tenants.

These issues are resolved by Adderra’s innovative solution. The solution involves the integrated system that allows to bill directly the consumers in online mode as well as process their payments for electricity and water either in prepaid or postpaid modes depending on configuration. The system comprises three elements: Bluetooth submeter, Billing & Payment platform and Smartphone application as a system interface.

Bluetooth function serves to connect the consumer to a submeter via smartphone and to transfer the data directly to billing & payment platform.  The application, in its turn, is designed for system interface to perform direct online payments for water and electricity usage and for real-time digital monitoring of consumed utilities.

With classic submetering landlords who wish to have more control and monitoring of tenant consumption will have to implement a complex infrastructure that will include meters with RF or PLC communication, communication equipment (like concentrators or gateways), servers and head-end software for meter reading, integration with 3rd-party billing software for automatic bill generation. ADDERRA provides sub-metering as service limiting landlord effort to only simple registration via Smartphone application and setting up the prices for electricity and water.

Due to combination of Bluetooth sub-meters, smart-phone application, billing and payment platform on remote servers Adderra allows to recharge the submeter online throughout the sales of token, thus, creating 3 options for payment: prepayment, postpayment and on a preset limit mode (consumers pay for the water and electricity as they reach the pre-established limits expressed in monetary value or cubic meters and kilowatts.).

It is worth to mention that if consumers do not use the whole amount of electricity and water they have prepaid for, they will get a refund after check-out.

Beyond that, Adderra’s submeters can also be smart. In order to better manage energy Landlords can subscribe to services for consumption monitoring and energy balance in multi-tenant properties. With such service different types of reports are available for further data analysis and making decision to optimize energy efficiency.

Finally, Adderra submetering system contributes to the sustainable development in rental and hospitability industry. Online utility prepayment combined with the digital monitoring of consumption on their smartphone motivates people to consume resources more consciously and rational, thus, adapting to a more sustainable behavior.

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