“We were experiencing problems with the overconsumption of electricity in guest rooms. I’ve heard about utility prepayment meters before, but they wouldn’t have been convenient and easy to use for my guests. So, I was looking for an optimal solution that would benefit me and my guests as well.”-said the Mrs. Helene, the owner of Amor de Helene Hotel.

One of the common problems of small and medium-sized hotels is related to energy management. The first reason for that is guests’ irresponsible attitude towards consumption as electricity is usually included in the price. Thus, the utility overconsumption leads to profit losses.

The second reason is that hotels are forced by governmental directives to apply energy-efficient technology to improve their energy management to solve the environmental problem.

Finally, the trend of sustainable travel among the tourists is strengthening every year. An increasing number of people start to choose eco-friendly hotels.

Amor de Helene Hotel faced the same difficulties. That was the reason why Mrs. Helene addressed to Adderra service.

The unique offer of Adderra is that Bluetooth electricity and water sub-meters are accompanied with smartphone application. It allows to bill directly the guests online as well as process their payments either in prepaid or postpaid modes. In a such way, hotelier gets the possibility to rationalize the utility management and guests, in their turn, get the chance to pay easily and fast for consumed resources only.

In July 2021 Adderra together with Arcostec, Adderra’s official representative in Spain, installed one phase and three phase electricity submeters. 14 of them were installed in the rooms and 1 submeter in the restaurant.

ADDERRA meters have a very compact design. Installation was performed inside the boxes with circuit-breakers at the entrance to each hotel room.

By the way, the restaurant inside hotel is rented. So, the electricity costs were divided between a hotel and restaurant owners based on estimations. Now the installed individual submeter will maintain the accurate calculation of electricity consumption of restaurant. Hence, the restaurateur will be enabled to pay only that amount of electricity the restaurant individually consumes.

Furthermore, the hotel created a new offer for its clients: “Now there are two options for our guests. They can choose either the previous format, meaning that the electricity costs are included in the room charge or they prepay for electricity on their own.” -said Mrs. Helene. The second option is supposed to be more attractive for the guests as they are not overcharged for their stay, paying only for the accommodation per se and being allowed to manage the resource consumption independently in their room.

Finally, what is the contribution to sustainable development for Spanish hotel industry that Amor de Helene will do together with its guests?

That is the minimization of carbon emission. According to the statistics of 2018, for every million visitors that arrive in Spain each year, 25 000 tons of CO2 are emitted into the earth’s atmosphere. So, as electricity payment becomes the guests’ responsibility, they will rationalize their consumption, using less electricity and, thus, emitting less carbon emissions.

In a short time, we will share with you the results regarding the service efficiency and guests’ opinion.

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