Energy and water efficiency is not only important for utility providers such as water utilities and electricity networks. Another category of potential customers is the hotel industry and the short and long term rental industry.

What was the prerequisite for this decision? The representatives of ADD Grup company participated in many international exhibitions, where they were approached by representatives of hotels and residential rental complexes, with complaints of the excessive consumption of water resources and electricity by their tenants. A deeper analysis of this problem showed that the volume of this market is much larger than it seems at first glance.

According to the statistics, a tourist or tenant spends 3-4 times more electricity and water than they spend at home. This is especially true for hotels up to 3 stars, where there is a cardless access and electrical appliances do not turn off by themselves when the client leaves the room.

Just think about it, the European hotel industry consumes as much water and electricity as one large country like the Netherlands.

At the same time, the hotel and rental business is constantly struggling to increase its energy efficiency. After all, it has to re-mortgage the cost of electricity and water consumed on the cost of rent, which significantly reduces its competitiveness.

Guests of short-term rental housing and visitors to hotels up to 3 stars are theoretically also willing to pay for these resources separately, as this leads to a reduction in their costs.

Landlords of long-term rental housing are also interested in solving this problem. The long-term housing category is more likely to face the problem of non-payment of bills when residents move out and do not pay utility bills. This category needs the protection of their financial interests in terms of a guarantee for paying bills.

That’s why, the market, before  Adderra appeared, really lacked a high-quality and simple solution to this problem. This applies not only to the ability to receive data on the readings of water and electricity meters remotely, but also to the ability to freely and easily pay these bills, for example, using a smartphone.

What did ADD Grup do to create this solution? And also, to make this solution user-friendly? Compact meters have been created, specially designed for the submetering system, which are installed in every hotel room, in addition to conventional meters. They are used exclusively for mutual settlements between the tenant and the landlord.

This solution includes the following components:

  • water and electricity meters
  • cloud platform (the so-called top-level software that manages the system)
  • vending software (which generates special digital codes and into which information on the volume of consumed resources is “embedded”)
  • special application for smartphone
  • Stripe payment system integrated into Adderra system

The Stripe payment system is a digital marketplace that has sellers and buyers and is responsible for distributing money between utility providers, as well as transferring commission payments.

In the next article, we will tell you why submetering of utilities is needed, how prepayment differs from post-payment, and how the keychain payment method works when it comes to cash.

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