2023 was a year of change for hotels. A tight lending market made it difficult to source hotel construction financing, and technology in the hospitality industry evolved. However, the main trend in 2024 – furthering transparency around hotel fees and separation of utility costs from accommodation fee.

Following momentum gained in 2023, this year will see heightened activity around fees legislation. Though there’s still debate over which fees are “junk” — or whether that’s a fair term for hotel “resort fees” at all — hotel laws and regulations are heading toward requiring companies to advertise room rates more transparently, regardless.

In some countries fees legislation will go into effect, requiring businesses, including hotels, to advertise costs with all fees upfront. State officials say it will be the nation’s strongest anti-junk fees law.

Also, many large hotels and landlords are thinking about the need to separate of utility costs (electricity, water and others) from accommodation fee. This will make hotel rates more attractive and understandable for tourists.

For example, some hotels in Europe are already planning to exclude utility charges from the hotel room price. To achieve this, they intend to install individual meters for electricity and water in each room and utilize the innovative Adderra submetering system.

The advantage of the Adderra offering lies in the integration of Bluetooth functionality into the electricity and water meters, allowing them to be managed through a smartphone application. This enables the direct online billing of guests and facilitates receiving their payments as either prepayment or post-payment.

In this way, hotels enhance energy efficiency, while guests have the convenience of easily and quickly paying only for the electricity and water they consume.

Adderra’s mission is to provide solutions that benefit all parties involved in the energy consumption process: landlords, tenants, society and the environment, enabling them to engage in environmentally oriented behavior.

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